In a nutshell

The founder of EasyBrick, Amin Dabiri, has over 10 years of building and decorating experience in his native Iran.

The EasyBrick technique (known as ‘Batiss’ in Iran) is a tried and tested decorating method in the Middle East.


With this experience, a patent for the production and execution of artificial stone, and execution of multiple builds exceeding 1,000,000 square metres, Amin and the rest of the Easy Brick team are ready to help you with any projects you may have.

Get in touch and let us know what you're working on.



Want to know more? Ok, here comes my full story

My name is Amin and I grew up in south-west Iran, in a town called Shiraz. Famous for its rocks (and not the wine unfortunately!), I spent a lot of my childhood playing with friends in the surrounding lakes and quarries.


We used to watch big chunks of rock being taken from the quarry and I always wondered what happened to the powder – surely they could take this and make something of it!

My friends and family would roll their eyes as I continued to talk about this powder – maybe you could mix it? Maybe you could paint with it?

It was only when I met a friend who was good at science and chemistry that we began experimenting, mixing and creating something with the powder.

Amin in action expo.jpg

After a year of experimentation, I had managed to create a product, the first of its kind, and
successfully filed my patent and began collaboration with the Institute of Colour Science and
Technology in Iran.














Together with my younger brother, Ehsan, we started Battis in Tehran in 2009 and soon contracted big projects Tehran Central City council. Soon after, we were working with 22 councils in Tehran as well as 4 big municipal bridges.

The beauty of this product is how it transforms blandness into beauty. It is made from natural raw materials and resin to make sure it remains firmly fixed. It’s easy to apply, clean and maintain and that’s why I think we have been so successful in Middle East.

I am now in the UK excited to transform anything grey and boring into beauty with EASYBRICK.